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You haven't seen him on American Idol, X-Factor, or the Voice, in fact all those reality shows rejected him, why? Because, Ben Davis, is more than just a singer, he is an artist, a rising star in his own right.  It was actually a blessing in disguise for the young multi-ethnic singer who didn't quite fit the mold.  Davis was often told that his voice was “unique” or “different” but after passing through multiple rounds of auditions he was finally eliminated. Year after year, show after show, he continued to throw his hat in the ring, until one day he decided to accept his fate.  He recalls, “I knew that I was meant for more than 15 minutes of fame and I was tired of waiting for 'celebrity judges' to decide the fate of my career.” 

Soon after, Davis decided to take matters into his own hands.  He began writing original songs and through that process realized that his unique voice was one that needed to be heard.  With the help of his friend and producer, Ulf Anneken, Davis independently funded and produced his first EP recorded at the famous Village Recorder Studios in Los Angeles.  Davis instinctively knew that if he wanted a professional sound he had to go where the professionals recorded. “We recorded the music at the Village and rented professional gear to record the vocals at a home studio. We got discounts, favors, and amazing people who believed in the project to help make it a reality.”

Davis' biggest undertaking was perhaps the music video for his latest single, “Mind Games.”  The video was filmed on location in London, England and features a cast of flamboyant characters in costumes from the 1700's, 1920's Great Gatsby era and the swinging 60's.  The video was written and directed by David Molyneux and co-produced by Davis.  “I was an integral part of the creative process…I'm a quasi- control freak, that's why I don't think the reality shows worked for me, they're just too contrived. I need to get my hands dirty and be free to express myself.” Davis is not singing to win a competition, to impress girls or to earn a quick buck - although some pocket change would be nice, in the love department he seems to have no problem attracting  girls and boys alike.  He's what the music industry has been missing, creative artists not manufactured by reality shows or record companies.  Davis is the real deal, he's here to do the work and in to win it!

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